Graded Technique Classes

This class is designed for the more serious student who wishes to strengthen the fundamentals basic technique.  Since this is a non-performance based class, the instructor is able to spend the entire dance year focusing on proper technique that can be applied to all forms of dance.  This is a graded class meaning that students are required to obtain a certain skill set before advancing to the next level.  There are 4 levels of technique at Dance Express.  Technique classes are 60 min. per week. 


  • Any color leotard and tights or dance tops/dance shorts
  • Running shoes & 1/2 ballets.  
  • After Jan 1, all black is required.  


  • 60 min class: $45/mo
  • Additional 30 min specialty class: $19/month (15% discount)
  • Additional 60 min specialty class: $36/month (20% discount)


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