I have two daughters that attend Dance Express and the experience we have had is nothing short of amazing! The dance training has been excellent and they also have gained a second family! The girls have formed friendships that have no age boundaries and have been so supported by the staff and other girls attending Dance Express! In my experience, I have seen how Dance Express has a place for anyone who wants to dance, regardless of their dance style, personality or ability. Every dancer at Dance Express is welcomed and supported!

Brooke Melius (dance mom of 2 girls)

We have been a part of the DXP family for seven years. I do refer to it as a family because that is how it feels to be a part of the studio. My daughter, Payton, has grown in her abilities as a dancer beyond our expectations. However, the skills and expertise that Jen and Mitzi and Meredith and the other teachers bring to the dancers are just the beginning. Not only has Payton built lifelong friendships at DXP, but she also has grown in the areas of confidence and her abilities to excel as an individual and function on a team.  She has learned to overcome adversity and to face her fears. We attribute much of her success in school and home to her experiences at DXP.  She lists her friends at DXP as her best friends, and I have made fantastic friends as well. Our entire family is proud to be a part of DXP!

Dr. Lisa Hardesty

My 15-year-old daughter has been dancing at Dance Express since she was three years old. She has not only learned impeccable dance skills but life skills as well. Teamwork, drive, patience, respect, and her knowledge of dance have helped make her the well-rounded teenager she is today. The instructors are true role models for her and have helped her strive to be the best she can be. She now enjoys assisting and guiding younger dancers at Dance Express and hopes to be a role model they can look up to as well. Dance Express has been a true blessing to her and our family!

Amy Olsen (Mother) 

Eight years ago we chose Dance Express as a dance studio simply because as a working mom I was looking for something my preschooler could be involved in after 5 pm! Dance Express was the nicest and most accommodating, schedule-wise, of the studio choices in town at the time.  We have loved the preschool classes here. My girls had great, incredibly energetic teachers and their classes were filled with both learning proper ballet positions as well as playing games and just dancing for fun.  They loved going to class every week!  As they have grown we have also experienced both the Rec and Competitive team programs and have been so pleased with the options we have at Dance Express.  My girls were able to develop at their own rate and decide how hard they wanted to be pushed.  While I appreciate the nice facility and variety of classes offered, the teachers are what we love most about Dance Express.  They are well qualified, motivating, and focused on teaching good technique!  The teachers at Dance Express have definitely fostered a love of dance in my children. In eight years, I have not yet had a year where my kids weren't asking to do MORE!  Most importantly, they have taught our girls the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and hard work!  Our studio has won several Sportsmanship awards at recent competitions and as a mom, this is the most important award my girls or their studio could win. At the end of the day, no matter how they danced or placed, the fact that they are being raised and trained to be dancers who are recognized for their positive attitude and way they treat others makes me proud to call Dance Express our dance home!

Sarah Ruley (Mother of 3 girls)

Being a member of the dance express company has well exceeded our expectations for our daughters dance experience. The high level of professional instruction and training, as well as personal guidance, has provided a positive atmosphere not only individually but also as a team. What Karla has learned at Dance Express has benefited her beyond the studio and stage. All elements of dance have enhanced her success in all physical activities, built her confidence, taught her commitment, dedication and the rewards of hard work. She has been supported by an extremely talented staff, built friendship for a lifetime, and of course, had Fun!

Mary and Larry Krmpotich

Dance Express has been an amazing experience for my girls! Their dance journey began five years ago. During this time, they have received positive and skillful instruction, developed wonderful friendships, and gained undeniable confidence. DXP has so many exciting opportunities waiting for us to experience! We love DXP!

Karrie Duncan and Claire and Ava 

For over 8 years we have been actively involved in the Dance Express programs. Between our three girls, we have participated in everything from combo classes, competitive teams, workshops, and summer camps. Dance Express is more than just a dance studio; it builds confidence and leadership, provides a positive social atmosphere, and encourages girls to achieve their goals. Not to mention the amazing talent among the teachers and dancers found there. Mitzi and her staff not only teach quality dance technique but also continue to evolve as a studio, making each year better than the year before. Over the years, Dance Express has been my daughter’s home away from home, and we could not be more proud to be a part of the DXP family!

Nicole Youell (Dance Mom of 3)

At DXP, the girls develop a sense of commitment, teamwork, and confidence that shows on the dance floor. More importantly, these qualities will transfer far beyond this, to "the 'stage' of life ahead."

Gay Rasmussen (Mother) 

From the moment we first transferred to Dance Express we felt welcomed. All of the teachers and staff are extremely supportive of the dancers and help them reach their individual potential. Whether it's a 3-year-old combo class or a competition line with high schoolers, they appropriately challenge each dancer and teach the technique and skills of dance. I am so impressed by the etiquette of the studio and their dedication to the community; the dancers are always present in and around the Mankato area, performing at nursing homes, supporting the Red Cross, performing at MSU events, and doing fun parades. Dance is such an important part of my girls' lives, and DXP teaches them how to work hard, enjoy the sport of dance, and be a part of a team.

Rochelle Odenbret (Mother of 2) 

"I am so grateful for Dance Express and the opportunities they have provided for my daughter. The teachers and staff have always been dedicated to helping my daughter and the other students grow in their dance abilities; constantly finding ways to challenge and push them to excel. For my daughter, dance is more than "what she does"... It's "who she is!" Dance Express has provided the perfect place for her (and the other students) to become exceptional dancers! This dance studio is not just wood floors and mirrored walls... it's a "family!" A family we have been glad to be a part of. We will always and forever treasure the time we've spent, and the friendships we've made while being a part of Dance Express!"

Michelle Starkey (Mother)